I have been with my husband going on 13 yrs, since I was 15 yrs old. I love him more & more every day as he does me also, but we drive each-other crazy A Lot… We both work full time jobs, have a small child, a home to care for, -family to care for, & at the end of each day, we still manage to get through everything together. But when your consumed by the daily life, we tend to put our spouse’s on the back burner, the one who is 100 % there everyday, every minute. So how do you maintain your Marriage, Job, Life, – everything?? How do find time for attention, affection, expressing love for one another?

All marriages are based on what you felt for that person in the beginning.. You couldn’t be without them, couldn’t quit thinking about them., wanted them every second of the day. As you still do now, but you don’t express as deeply as you use too. Tends to put tension on a relationship, make “humans” aggravated with one another. We get comfortable with our spouses, quit learning about them.  People grow everyday, something new to learn about someone, – even learn things about ourselves everyday.

A man needs just as much attention & affection as a woman- rather they want to admit it or not, they need to feel wanted & Loved. When your husband smacks you on the butt while your doing a chore, grabs on you as your walking by, wants a kiss when you are busy- (makes majority of us aggravated- it does me), but I have a new out-look on this:: embrace it, be thankful this man whom you love is wanting you, looking at you, touching the woman he wants in his life, interested in you. Some wish to find the one to share it with. We all take advantage of what we got, & don’t fully realize, but think for one minute in your busy day, What would it be like to go home without your spouse there?, Not be able to call them when you have a bad day & need to vent. What would your life truly be like? I would miss my husband more than words can describe. We might argue- as everybody does, but I would be a lonely person. We all question where would I be if I didn’t meet them? Well, the answer is, you could be better or worse, but you would never have knowledge of either without the life experiences.

Women & men were created with feelings, a heart, love, & we all have a special person in this world that is perfect for us, whom was created to share our life together.

We see others relationship & say “I wish mine was like that”, or that is what I want, but truth be known how can we compare our lives to others? How can we want for anything that appears to be better? When your spouse puts a smile on your face, does that warm your heart more than anything, when you get a text or call from your love, because he/ she wanted you to know you were on their mind. That is the best feeling in the world. Everyone has up & downs in a relationship- lets be honest, we are Humans ( 2 completely different) becoming one, & living for one another. That is a big deal, – you know how hard it was to live with your sister/ brothers?, but you loved them more than anything & would be there for them no matter what- same as you do your spouse. We all have different opinions, beliefs, goals, wants, needs, but for a marriage you have double of all. Double the stress over bills, double the aggravation from work, as you feel like it is all on you, it’s not, your spouse is going through the same thing you are. Double the trouble – as they say.. 🙂

When our day is winding down, & you are sitting at your home, look around one time, take a moment to truly see you life, your Spouse, your children, your pets & just think, “Could I really live life without my partner, could I be happy not seeing their face, could I continue without them?” & Smile to the beautiful life you have, you created, & continue building everyday, the love that is shared within your home, that nobody gets to see, just between you & your loved ones.

Everyday take a moment to be Thankful for that special person whom makes your life special.



First blog post

Hi Everyone,

This is my very first blog, I have been researching & wanting to share my experiences to others, as they can relate too. Things that I’m sure 95% of people question themselves. We all get so caught up in everyday life, we tend to look over the small important things. Overwhelming.. I work a full time job, mother, & wife- Full plate for me :); however I wish to be open-minded, think outside the box, & hopefully my experiences can help others!!!! 🙂 So excited to get this going!! 🙂